Vattenfall invests in community-led legacy for the Highlands

European energy company, Vattenfall, has become a premier sponsor of Highland Renewables activity through community interest company, Highland Tourism CIC (HTCIC), bringing the total investment from the renewable sector in the Highlands close to £200,000.

The marriage of the two sectors aims to put the Highlands of Scotland on the international stage as a world leader in sustainability, and HT CIC Director Willie Cameron knows this is exactly the vision the CIC had, when it started discussions with the renewable sector almost 18 months ago: “The way in which the renewables sector has embraced the vision leaders in the tourism industry have is really gaining traction, and the CIC is going from strength to strength.”

He went on to say, “Huge excitement is growing across the Highlands with the potential for two of its key sectors to work in collaboration, to implement a brand, destination and communications strategy for the Highlands of Scotland. Ultimately, we are all working towards the regeneration of the Highland economy which will include creating better paid, skilled jobs to keep young people here in the Highlands, which in turn will help our problem of depopulation. The green revolution will play a significant part in this with thousands of jobs set to be created over the coming 10 years.”

Vattenfall has been working in the UK for over 15 years, developing fossil free energy projects and has a number of renewable projects in the Highlands.

Tom Brinicombe, Local Liaison Officer – Ourack Wind FarmVattenfall, said:“This new partnership with Highland Renewables and Highland Tourism CIC is reflective of our continued commitment to maximising the opportunities arising from our energy projects. We are looking forward to building on our community commitments to those living locally to our projects in the Scottish Highlands.

“We recognise that while traditionally, wind farm development benefits are predominantly linked to community funds, partnerships with a regional stakeholder such as this one, can deliver additional community benefits. 

“Alongside this partnership, we will continue to work with local businesses, communities and the key stakeholders to develop our portfolio of projects.”

Yvonne Crook, Chair, Highland Tourism CIC and Highland Renewables said: “It has been brilliant working with the team at Vattenfall and realising just how invested they are in ensuring we all work together to leave a greater legacy across the Highlands.

“Our vision, and that of all our partners and Ambassadors, is for the Highlands to become a world-leader in sustainability and a great place to live, work, study, visit and invest in. The support from Vattenfall and their passionate team will strongly contribute to us realising that vision together.”

Over the coming year, the private sector will have invested £1m of private sector resources to establish Highland Tourism CIC as an organisation embedded in the community with a bold and confident Highland brand, strategy and collaboration that aims to leave an impactful legacy for the future of the Highland community.