Inspiring a Sustainable Future

About Us

Highland Renewables is a strategic partner of Highland Tourism CIC in a world first partnership of tourism and renewables. Together they are driving a vision for the Highlands to become a world leading sustainable destination.

This initiative has been possible with the support of our founding partners.

And with the support of our main sponsor SSEN Transmission, premier sponsors Statkraft and RES, sponsor FOR:EV and associate sponsor, Field.

Renewables and Tourism

Tourism currently accounts for around 8% of the world’s carbon emissions. Dealing with that head-on, is critical to all our futures. And that is why a marriage between renewables and tourism industries can further the goals of each and contribute to the Highlands’ economy and its communities.



The windpower that took our highland diaspora off to the farthest corners of the empire in sailing ships, can bring them back to explore their past with clear consciences. The water of life that makes our world-renowned whiskies can also bring visitors to our distilleries secure in the knowledge that that same water made renewable energy upstream.

Expanding the renewables landscape

Water and wind are only part of our story. As a region, we can raise the bar even higher with wave, tidal, geothermal and solar power. We can harness our wastes with biofuels, anaerobic digestion and biomass solutions. We can store renewables to balance periods of excess generation.  We can capture carbon and create hydrogen.


These developments won’t just come from industry. Communities and individuals can invest in renewable technologies to reduce their environmental impact and step up to drive our shared climate-positive vision for the Highlands. By embracing renewable solutions, we will all create a more welcoming, reassuring, environment for our visitors and, ultimately, generate a more buoyant, sustainable economy that will enrich our communities.